The Water Temple is a Dungeon. It is home to the Hydra King.


Enter the Circle of Power southwest of the Black Citadel in Undead Cove.



  1. Walk to Water temple transport ship
  2. Upon entering the Water Temple, walk up in between the four statues in front of you and use the pick to dig up a Water Temple Key.
  3. Walk to your left and buy at least TWO of the transport boats from the Shipyard (I suggest the Stallions or Juggernauts). Go straight to the door to the North and exit your ship so your Backpack opens the door. Get back in your ship and enter with BOTH ships. Leave one next to the door.
  4. You're now in the main room. You'll need to weave your way through Hydras and Claytors to get to the far Northeastcorner of the room. There will be a switch. Step on the switch found there and get into your ship and sail as fast as you can to the Southeast corner of the room, because the switch is timed.
  5. There will be a Musician who will teach you a Song that refills your mana to full (200 sec cooldown). This is also the location of the Gem of Time Fragment 3 if the Gem of Time has been shattered. To the East of the Musician there is a switch that you must step on.
  6. Once you hit the switch with your Character, jump into your boat and sail back to the main room, and head left from there. You'll find another open door on the left side of the room. Jump out of your ship once you both are inside the little room and follow the path just above you.
  7. Upon following the path, you'll see another Whale Statue, similar to the ones in front of the temple, that's sitting near a broken fountain. Stop there to dig up a key, then continue following the path until you hit a way-gate. Inside is the Murloc Guardian that drops the Water Temple Boss Key.
  8. Make sure you have your handy Stallion/Other Ship that you left next to the door to the main room is ready to move. Run down to the door you entered in and walk up to it. It should open without a key. Jump in your ship and sail to the top of the main room, where you should see two doors. Unload from your ship onto the land area outside the door on the right, and your Backpack should open the door.
  9. Run in, kill a couple of critters, then go to the Whale Statue to dig up another key. To save time, try to avoid hitting the switch until after you have the key. Then, hit the switch and jump into your ship.
  10. Sail into the room directly to the left and sail to the back of it. From there, run straight down the room and into another open door. There is a lever that will re-open the door if your time runs out. There are also Dragon Bones where a Book of the Dragon can be dug up. Run through, hit the switch at the top of the hill, and run out.
  11. Go back to your ship and sail into the open door on your right, through the door to the North, and again through the door to the East
  12. Now, take your ship and sail through the water along the North wall and up until you reach a little island. Jump off there and hit the switch. This allows you to get into the next area by raising a bridge under the water.
  13. Sail back to the Shipyard, get out of your ship, and walk to your right. You'll seem to pass right over the water and into a room of Claytors and Sea Giant Behemoths.
  14. Get one of the Behemoths to follow you and run onto the land mass that's poking out of the water. Get the Behemoth to step on the switch.
  15. Now, find your other ship in the main room and make it sail to the right wall of the room. Have it sail through the door and up to the next door.
  16. You yourself must run up to the top of the landmass strike a switch which opens the door to allow your ship in. Meet your ship up by the water bay and hop in for the final part of this dungeon.
  17. Now that you have your ship in the last area, sail to your right a little to find a little patch of land that almost looks like a shrine. (Optional) There is a false wall to the right here, and a chest that contains the Element of Water.
  18. Once you've finished with that, get back in your ship and sail down with the water until you hit the last door you'll need to worry about. Get out of your ship and your Backpack will open the final door to the boss, the Hydra King.

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Shipyard - Southwest (West side of the enterance) - 50,000 Gold

Shipyard - Centre (With the Hydras) - 50,000 Gold

Shipyard - West in Boss area - 50,000 Gold

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