The Thieves Guild is one of several guilds in the game that can grant quests to raise your profession levels. This one unsuprisingly specializes in theivery.

Side Quests

  • Talking to the leader is a requirement for several Housing quests
  • Talk to the leader about "Wanted" to turn in Information for 100 Thievery exp each
  • Talk to Edmunson about business to find chests full of information


  • located inside Smuggler's Tunnel , which connects fira to the desert.
    Thieve's Guild

    Main entrance and Hatch entrance to the thieves' guild

  • The main entrance is a second cave on the right hand side of the Smuggler's Cave tunnel. Once inside use Rope to jump over the pillar then use Thievery to distract or disable the guards. Requires level 10 Thievery
  • There is a hatch directly below the main entrance which can be picked if the hero has over level 25 Thievery. This provides instant access to the guild. You can also press the quick use button to avoid the lockpicking and go direct to the guild. (not sure what the requirement is for this, haven't had it fail yet).


  1. Talk to Edmunson about Guild quests
  2. Retrieve the Skeletal Artifact from a chest in Fira Castle
  3. Return the Skeletal Artifact to Edmunson
  4. Steal from the Chest in the Hunters Hall
  5. Return the chest to Edmunson
  6. Talk to the thief in the Darkhaven Tavern
  7. Speak to Edmunson
  8. Speak to the Queen of Shadows
  9. Speak to the fence north of Fira City
  10. Break into the Firian Barn at night and escort 3 horses back to the fence. (horses have timed life so you have to be quick. you can put the farmer to sleep with your thief skills so he doesn't catch you)
  11. Speak to the Queen of Shadows
  12. Speak to Edmunson
    • You get four pieces of enchanted diamond gear for completing this quest. Quite nice if you're just starting out (lvl 35 items)
  13. Lockpick the chest in the Lost Valley Inn
  14. it skipped a number somehow
  15. Speak to Edmunson
  16. Lockpick the Chest in Smugglers Tunnel
  17. Return to Edmunson
  18. Rob the Ramorian Mansion
  19. Speak to Edmunson
  20. Rob the Firan Mansion
  21. Speak to Edmunson
  22. Rescue the thief from his cage in Fira Dungeon
  23. Speak to Edmuson
  24. Speak with the Queen of Shadows
  25. END of questline as of v7.07
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