Thievery is a skill that governs lock picking and pickpocketing.


Collect and turn in stacks of Information for 100 exp a piece.

Guild business will spawn a lockbox somewhere on the map with 9-25 scrolls. 2 min cooldown. Suggest doing both mage guild and thieve's guild business at the same time.

Successfully pickpocketing gives ~300 EXP. Failed Pickpocketting gives 25 EXP

Successfully opening a chest gives the following amount of EXP:

Lockbox: 150 EXP (2 Locks) - Permanent in Fira Castle

Chest: 500 EXP (2 Locks) - Permanent Chest in the Valley of Sernos Inn, behind a guarded gate

Safe: 1000 EXP (4 Locks) - Permanent Safe in Alexandrian Mansion

Vault 1500 EXP (5 Locks) - Often dropped by bosses at 50+ thievery

Grand Chest 3000 EXP (6 Locks) - Permanent Grand Chest in Heaven


Pickpocketing - Allows the chance to steal Gold and Treasure from the victim. Higher Thievery levels will grant higher amounts of loot. Pickpocketing is a crime if seen by the Kingdom's Guards.

Lockpicking - Allows you to unlock chests.

  • Level 1 - Lockbox
  • Level 10 - Chests
  • Level 25 - Safe
  • Level 50 - Vault
  • Level 75 - Grand Chest

Unlockable - Allows access to certain places

Luck - You may find gold on your enemy.

  • Frequency: 1% + (Thievery Level / 6).
  • Amount: Thievery Level x Enemy Level

Mug - Allows a chance to obtain two Specialty Item drops from Temple Bosses

Concealed Blade - Reduces guard's radius for witnessing attacks on citizens from 700 to 300

Thievery Mastery - Allows duplication of keys in the Hell, Water, and Ice temples

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