Thievery is a skill that governs lock picking and pickpocketing.


Collect and turn in stacks of Information for 100 exp a piece.

Successfully pickpocketing gives ~300 EXP. Failed Pickpocketting gives 25 EXP

Successfully opening a chest gives the following amount of EXP:

Lockbox: 150 EXP (2 Locks) - Permanent in Fira Castle

Chest: 500 EXP (2 Locks) - Permanent Chest in the Valley of Sernos Inn, behind a guarded gate

Safe: 1000 EXP (4 Locks) - Permanent Safe in Alexandrian Mansion

Vault 1500 EXP (5 Locks) - Permanent Vault in Fira Barn

Grand Chest 3000 EXP (6 Locks) - Permanent Grand Chest in Heaven, north of Almighty's gate

A tip for level 50 thievery :

Fira farm

Enter the farm in Fira


And start lockpicking this chest every time when it's not in cooldown. You'll need your thievery skill at level 50 to lockpick this chest, but you have great chances to get informations drops. So basically farm this chest until level 75 thievery.


Pickpocketing - Allows the chance to steal Gold and Treasure from the victim. Higher Thievery levels will grant higher amounts of loot. Pickpocketing is a crime if seen by the Kingdom's Guards.

Lockpicking - Allows you to unlock chests.

  • Level 1 - Lockbox
  • Level 10 - Chests
  • Level 25 - Safe
  • Level 50 - Vault
  • Level 75 - Grand Chest

Unlockable - Allows access to certain places

Luck - You may find gold on your enemy.

  • Frequency: 1% + (Thievery Level / 6).
  • Amount: Thievery Level x Enemy Level

Mug - Allows a chance to obtain two Specialty Item drops from Temple Bosses

Concealed Blade - Reduces guard's radius for witnessing attacks on citizens from 700 to 300

Thievery Mastery - Allows duplication of keys in the Hell, Water, and Ice temples

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