The Summoner (old model)
Attribute Level 1 Per Level Level 500
Strength 8 6 3002
Agility 10 7 3503
Intelligence 22 14 7008
Life 935 120 60815
Mana 44 28 14016
Damage 38 14 5624
Range 400


Caster, Summons, Summon Augmentation


Summons Beasts - Summons Beasts from all across the realms to help the Summoner. These beasts grow in power and number the stronger the Hero Becomes. The summons evolve usually every five levels of this ability summoning even greater beasts from across the land. Note that the attack damage and type of the summons changes if you learn the eternal damnation passive.

  • Lvl 1-5 : Summons 1-5 Sabreteeth : 2500hp , 76 dmg melee fast , 3 normal armor , 10& evasion, resistant skin
  • Lvl 6-10 : Summons 3-7 units. They are a random combo of bears and sabertooth
  • Lvl 11-15 : 3-7golems : only golems are summoned
  • Lvl 16-20 : Summon 4-8 units. A combination of golem and war golems
  • Lvl21- 25: 5-9 hydras.
  • Lvl 26-30 : Summons 5-9 units. Combination of hydras and nether drakes
    Nether drake
  • Lvl 31-35 : Summons 5-9 units. Combination of blue hydras and nether drakes
  • Lvl 35-40 : Summons 5-10 units. Combination of blue hydras and nether drakes. Yes, somehow, level 35 summons less than 34.1.
  • Lvl 41-45 : sumons 6-10 units. Combination of chaos hydras and drakes of the void
  • Lvl46-50 Summons 6-10 units. Combination of jade infernalite and drake of the voids
    Jade infernalite
  • Lvl 51-55: Summons 6-10 units. Combination of jade infernalite and tera
  • Lvl 56-60 : Summons ?-12 units. Combination of jade infernalte and tera
  • Further levels: to be added

Summoner's Presence - Summoning Daemonic energy the Hero Dispurses waves in all direction towards her enemies inflicting pain per second.

Damage Formula: 100 x (Ability Level) + (Intelligence / 2)

Life Force - Life Force regenerates nearby summoned units granting them increased life span.

Formula: 50 HP/Sec x (Ability Level)

Ice Blast - Sends a wave of Ice towards a target dealing it damage and stunning non hero units.

Damage Formula: (750 x Ability Level) + (Intelligence x 2)

Summoner's Spellbook

Level 1

  • Vanquish - The Princess may Vanquish one summoned unit of her choosing into the void. The Princess may either target her own summons or, an enemy summon killing it instantly granting 2000 mana.

Level 2

  • Call of the Void - Summons a Voidwalker to serve the Summoner. Voidwalker stats scale with sumoner's stats. If you use song of brenellia before summoning, they are stronger. Stats : hp = int x unknown , dmg = int x 1 , number = random( from 1 to 3 ) + heroLvl/100
  • Summoner's Armor - Using her magic the summoner increases the armor friendly nearby summons aswell as herself. +10 Armor

Level 3

  • Old Friend - When the summoner was young she grew up with a black drake as her pet . through out the years they grew older and fought many battles. Summon your Old Friend to fight along side you once more. hp = int x unknown , mp = 5000 ,dmg = int x 1 , has 35dmg per mp manashield

Level 4

  • Summoner's Dragon Skin - The power of Dragons flows through the Summoner granting her and her summons huge defensive scales. +30 Armor
  • Nether Bolt - The Summoner unleashes the Nether bolt a powerful spell that deals massive Intelligence damage. This spell can target through spell immune. Damage Formula: x3 Intelligence (Right-click to activate auto-casting)

Level 5

  • Ice Age - The summonering conjures the element of Ice which comes flying in all directions killing all who stand before it in three waves. Damage Formula: Intelligence x 2.5
  • Mana Shield - Activates a magical shield that surrounds the hero, not letting them suffer damage by absorbing 40 damage per Mana Point.

Level 6

  • Ultimate Sacrifice - Sacrifices a summoned beast and returns 4000 mana to the summoner.
  • Lord of Dragons - Fuses a Blue Hydra, a Nether Drake, a Voidwalker and a Black Drake into a Lord of Dragons. Number depends on amount of fused units. Attack = int x 1, hp = int x unknown, mp = ¿? , has mana shield, magic inmunity, 10k dmg firebolt, Mirror image with : 60% dealt dmg 100% received, 25 sec duration, 80 sec cd

Level 7

  • Summoner's Daemonic Skin - Daemonic blood flows through the summoner infusing with the power of dragon. This gives the summoner and all friendly nearby summoned units massive amounts of armor. +60 Armor
  • Eternal Damnation - Uses the Summoner's Daemonic Energies to transform her Summons into Daemonic Summons Causing them to gain greater power.

Level 8

  • Master Sacrifice - Sacrifices a summoned beast and returns 10K mana to the summoner.</span>
  • Chilling Assault - The element of frozen water is at the disposal of the princess. Her enemies will be frozen in fear and Ice. Damage Formula: Intelligence x 2.5 (Duration: 5sec. / Cooldown: 45sec.)
  • Multi-Shot - The Summoner has mastered her skills and able to attack more units at once!
  • Essence of Life - The Life Force power has grown beyond normal limits and produced the essence of life within the Summoner causing her to regain 1000 HP/sec.

Level 9

  • Improved Skills

Level 10

  • Void Corruption - Completely in touch with her Daemonic self the Summoner can now summon three Void Corruptors. The Void Corruptors live in the gap between dimensions and can only path through when the barrier is cut open.
  • Guardian of the Summoner - The Old Friend protected the summoner and through out the years the Drake grew stronger and become one with the Summoner causing Daemonic Blood to flow through its body.
  • Ancient One - Fuses a Chaos Hydra(or Higher), a Drake of the Void(or Higher), a Void Corruptor and the Old Friend into a much more powerful dragon which is known as the Ancient One. The Ancient One, daemonic in power has never been seen by mortal eyes.</span>


The Summoner's House location is South of the Temple of the Keys.

Class Item

Diuna's Daemonic Orb (Level 200 req) (Ultimate)

Afelia (Level 350 req) (Ultimate)


Take a level 400 Summoner with Love's Tear to her Evolution Location, On Ashium Island (Dragon Island), on the west coast there are four pillars with a city floor, walk there. She transforms into the Dragon Princess.