Speechcraft skill is used to persuade people, and for Enchanting.


  • Collect and turn in stacks of Scrolls for 100 exp a piece. use the business quest from Mages Guild to gain stack.
  • Successfully persuading someone will provide exp
  • Successfully bribing someone will provide 250 exp
  • Using the pedestal, you can destroy stones in your hero's inventory to receive exp
  • Selling an item grants 2 Speechcraft exp per stack (selling crafted potions can net a lot of exp)
  • Several Quests reward Speechcraft EXP
  • BEST METHOD: To upgrade your speechcraft skill easily you can spam "persuasion" and "bribe" on footmen in good main quest.
  • An alternate place for the Best method is progressing to step 25 in Good Main Questline and when the second wave of bandits (before the bridge) attack you go to an altar and switch faction and then utilize the same method, spam Persuasion and Bribe on the bandits.

It's quest number 4 (if you consider talking to antonidas and king are quests). So basically keep the footies alive and spam the persuasion and bribe icons on footies. Your speechcraft will up really fast.


  • Land Deed - Pings your house
  • Virtuoso - Req Speechcraft lvl 100 - Recite any song at will
  • Teleportation
    • Teleport Home - Req: 15 Housing, 15 Speechcraft. 500 Mana - Teleport home
    • Teleport to Bank - Req: 25 Speechcraft - Teleport to your bank
    • Teleport to Arena - Req: 25 Speechcraft - Teleport to the Alexandrian Arena
    • Teleport to Darkhaven - Req: 25 Speechcraft, Evil alignment. Teleport to Darkhaven
    • Teleport to Temple of One - Req: 75 Speechcraft. Teleporr to Temple of the One
    • Teleport to Arena of the Gods - Req: 50 speechcraft, Level 100. Teleport to Arena of the Gods
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