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Siren's Mask
Siren's Mask.png
Req. Level 375
Type Helm

The Face of the Siren carved into a Mask which contains great power.


+3750 Intelligence
+115.5 Armor
+9875 Mana
+187.5 mana/sec


How to Obtain[]

5 Golden Shells must be taken to a giant golden shell in the temple of Water. You can find this area by using the rope bridge right before the boss room. With the shells in your backpack, move towards the Giant Shell and you will receive a random piece of the Siren's Set. Now, getting golden shells is VERY TEDIOUS. So if you don't want to be stuck farming dozens and dozens of shells for days on end use the following strategy.

  1. Get 20 golden shells from fighting Siren. This is enough to get all 4 pieces.
  2. Clear the Water Temple up to the boss room. DO NOT enter the boss room.
  3. Set a waypoint with the Tears of Ice song F,S,F,A,F,D,F or SAD with Fs before and after each letter.
  4. Return to your bank and save your shells, 10 rope, and any siren set pieces you may already have gotten.
  5. Teleport back to the water temple with the tears of ice song (and set it again).
  6. go grab a piece of the set. If it's a piece you want, repeat steps 4-6. if not go to step 7
  7. Repick and reload your hero and bank and repeat steps 2 onward.
  8. rinse and repeat until you have all 4 pieces of the Siren's Set.


Siren's Mask + Siren's Cuirass + Siren's Trident + Siren's Shield + Fusion Stone = Siren's Set