Patch log for the latest Reforged compatible versions. Old codes will NOT load into these versions.

Version R1.21 (Quality Control)

Hi Everyone! Its finally here but its far from being 100% complete but I hope you enjoy the new systems Daemonic Sword ORPG will feature in this next version! I am looking forward to put the final touches on everything and listening to your feedback so far. I really want to get this version out to everyone because of the Blizzard update changing the usernames. This version will be awesome Ive done a lot of changes that even I forget half of what i've done. I hope you guys enjoy the new damage system, its been sometimes ive always wanted to do and with all the new triggers it makes it a lot easier! The new events will be awesome too I have a lot of ideas I still need to bring to life and I hope you guys can imagine some cool events in the game you would like to see! I am also always trying to improve the games loading and optimization as I want everyone to be able to play Daemonic Sword ORPG!


  • Very Important for those whose Usernames have been changes and codes lost due to recent update

Before you load your code type in "-code" This will toggle your Username temporarily to the way it was before. The username displayed must match the one on the .txt file in order for the code to work Once Hero has been loaded the game will set your Username back to current build.


  • All New Custom Damage Types with 12 different Affinities (Physical, Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Air, Earth, Holy, Unholy, Arcanic, Gravity, Poison)
  • All Affinities will have weakness's and strengths against one another. Default is +/- 50% however different events can change this amongst other things.
  • All Damage Spells will deal a specific Affinity Damage Type
  • All units and Summons will have a certain affinity type
  • Phaels will grant Affinity Auras making other surrounding units become that random affinity
  • All Player Heroes will now have Resistances to all affinities based upon Skills and Hero Level up to 50%
  • Difficulty (based upon player count) will Reduce Resistances Percentages by the amount shown.
  • Multiboard Enhanced to display all this information.
  • Fire/Lightning durational effects also added in. (Things will burned per second and shocked when attacking) More coming with different affinities
  • This Damage Type System applies after the (Damage Attack Types vs Armor Types) and Spell Reductions.
  • I have made Spells Attack Types do 100% damage to Hero Armor Types.

Event System

Different weekly events will now take place as well as different specific day events. (Very new lots more to work on, but you get a little taste.)

  • Events will help with Skills, Levels, Quests, Items, and add lots of lore to the game and even make the game come more alive in a sense.

Quality Control

  • Fixed a vast majority of special effects that did not work due to crossover into reforged
  • Improved a huge amount of Special effects related to Spells and abilities_
  • Vast Majority of Tooltips fixed and updated
  • All Items with Spell Bonuses and many new items now have updated Spell Bonuses
  • Revamped a lot of Hero Abilities and even created some New ones
  • Custom Avatar Created with percent based bonuses
  • Dark Impailer abilities for Darklord
  • New Metamorph for Reaper Evolved
  • New Rock Terrain replacement added
  • Any hostile unit created has a chance to be a Phael.
  • Pickaxe with 75 Forging and 75 Thievery can Smash Switches
  • Purchasable Spell "Jump" can now Smash Switches at level 200. (More Purchasables Coming Soon)
  • Revamped Mana Burst and Bloody Mana (Bloody Wings) (Better Tooltips, more Universal Abilities now)


  • Merged close to 200 Triggers into several.
  • Removed Grass (2000 Doodads) I can add grass back in if needed/wanted but in smaller quantities.
  • Removed other destructables and Doodads / Improved Areas of the Map
  • Removed a lot of Global Variables
  • Improved and Optimized Triggers to be smaller.
  • All Spell Bonus Damage now sum up into total damage of Spell only displaying 1 Damage String instead of multiples.

Fixed Glitches

  • Infernal Hammer Fixed (You will use pickaxe now to dig it up)
  • Killing Livestock without turning off passive mode fixed

Things to Note and look out for

  • There was a lot to test but if there are bugs I will try fix them asap!
  • Entrances and Exit triggers are merged as only allow heroes to enter through them currently
  • Flood Triggers have been merged and may spawn differently then used too
  • Merged a lot of triggers for optimization so some may not work 100%
  • Some triggered created units may still not have affinities.

Version R1.20

  • GMQ Fixed (Recreation of Units caused some bugs)
  • Demon Slayer Evolved Name fixed
  • Demonstorm special effect fixed
  • Infernal Hammer Colossal fixed
  • Scrolls will drop from Mage Guild Business
  • Sleep on Guards tested and shouldnt catch you.
  • Diversion set to level 1 Required
  • Guards(wandering) added to Castle Dungeon, with some more hints.

Version R1.19

  • Vanish/Windwalk abilities no longer cause crash
  • Second Stance with Arrows no longer cause Crash
  • Scrolls will drop from Mage Guild Business
  • Spell Critical Fixed
  • More Optimization for initial loading
  • More Preparation for Quests
  • Fixed Necromancers Evolved Attack missile

Version R1.16/R1.17/R1.18

  • 18-Fixed Fishing Camera Moving Glitch
  • 18-Fixed Necromancer Evolved Name
  • 17-(Cage Respawn fixed)
  • 17-Necro can now actually Evo
  • Fire/Ice/Rock Formations will now respawn in random places and give speechcraft exp
  • Cages now spawn and have random chance to free a prisoner which can be escorted back for more skill points
  • Increased Size of Mystic Mountains
  • Forgotten Prison location fixed
  • Random Crashes from fights should be resolved
  • Necro Evolution now located anywhere in Ancient City
  • Fixed Abilities on certain items
  • Fixed more Tooltips and Hotkeys
  • Fixed Hiest Guards Detection Range
  • Fixed Mages Guild Quests with Voidwalkers

Version R1.14/R1.15


  • Daemonic Sword Item Revamped (Wield Switch/SpellBooks) (Added Level 150 Daemonic Sword)

(All Daemonic Sword Upgrades completed at Daemonic Sword Pedestal)

  • Fishing Skill now increases charges and chance of item drops
  • Increased Experience Constant (More Exp gain)
  • Increased/Revamped Boss Experience (Shared Triggered)
  • Corpses and Ground of Evil Revamped
  • Boss Fights Special Events Increased chances and revamped for more fun.
  • Level Requirements added to Vampire Dungeon(25), Ice Temple(50) and Orc Fortress(50)
  • More Optimization (Map Loading, Less starting units on Map, Streamlined Object Editor)

(Removed a lot of redundant abilities and buffs to save room)

  • Woto named Changed to Daemonic Sword of the One
  • Fixed some summoning Tooltips and
  • Revamped Alchemist Journal for new Book Reading Skills.
  • Voidwalker Bug
  • Lots of Minor Bugs fixes
  • Special Effects Revamped for alot of spells (Trying to find ones that work with both Reforged/Classic)
  • Models Fixed to be viewed from both Classic and Reforged.
  • Adjusted colours overlays of models to better suit Reforged viewing.

Version R1.13

  • Pickskills revamped, (May cause Crash)
  • Nagator Temple Fixed
  • All user submitted Glitches Fixed
  • Metamorph(evo) fixed
  • Spawn Locations Fixed for specific units
  • Mining bug fixed
  • Summoners summons bug fixed
  • Divine Curiass of Heaven bug fixed
  • Charged item drop bug fixed

Version R1.12

  • Pickskills should work but isnt quite perfected as of yet.
  • Amulet of the One Mastered with primastic and Woto/Choosen ones Set. (Cast on Self added)
  • Optimization (Reduced units on map by 100) (They get created at start)
  • Theivery Hiest - Guards will send you to Castle Dungeon if Caught in all locations.
  • Temple of Keys pathing location fixed
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Buffed Resolve for Warrior
  • Warriors Aura Mana Burn Increased
  • Arcane Dragon Summon buffed
  • Buffed Resolve for Warrior Mana burn on Warriors Aura
  • Bank Vaults spawn location in House fixed
  • Removed more Custom Models and switched to Default Reforged Models.
  • Revamped Ambush

Version R1.08/R1.09/R1.10/R1.11

  • Bosses Items Fixed
  • Housing exits and region placements fixed
  • Hunting items will now have a charge and stack together.
  • Skill Teleport to Temple of the one Reworked to Teleport of the One.
  • Amulet of the One Teleport Revamped (Enjoy)
  • Fixed glitches from R1.07

Version R1.07

  • Evolved can now save (Sorry)
  • Black Mask Enabled (Advanced Players of the game will not like it, but its a lot easier to know where you explored with new players)
  • (Hunting Skill will soon unlock Map Exploration Perks, for the Advanced players
  • Mages Guild Experience Fixed
  • Abyssinal Room needs Ancient Key
  • Second Stance Fixed
  • Mining/Fishing amounts(Charges) gain fixed
  • Fixed some enchanting items causing glitches
  • Fixed some forging items causing glitches
  • Black Citadel AOE bug is a known bug. (Working on it)
  • Death while lockpicking fixed, but shouldnt autosave while lockpicking
  • Nerfed Voidwalkers (Removed Stun and Blink)
  • Frozen Cavern Entrance fixed
  • Fixed bug with other players units (backpack, ect) interupting Hero damage while casting spells
  • Lowered Sorceress MOE casting time
  • Ashhorn Dragon/Aractus will now count as Bosses
  • Lots of Major/minor Bug Fixes (Forum Posts and some I must keep Secret)
  • Revamped DarkLords Summons (Buffs will increase summon str and new Reforged Model)
  • Some evolved Stats Fixed
  • Presence should not aggro Invulnerable units (Thieves Guards and stuff)
  • Temple of the one teleport should be visable to all

Version R1.06

  • Firelord will respawn correctly
  • Heaven key and more items from forging, alchemy and enchanting
  • Orc Shield Fixed
  • Death Presence on non evo fixed
  • Invincible captain fixed EMQ
  • Presence effects will scale when removing adding items and powerups.

Version R1.05

  • Optimization to prevent desyncs
  • Talking to Advisor about Housing Fixed
  • Invincible captain fixed EMQ
  • Presence effects will scale when removing adding items and powerups.
  • Removed more Thundercap Special on Magic Storm
  • Hermit Quest Fixed
  • Reworked Autosave
  • Added Charged Cap on Foraging/Mining (1000)
  • Summoners summons health increased
  • Heaven Entrance Fixed
  • Experience gain increased with more players
  • Item Requirements fixed (Reforged Broke them, can only have 1 of each wield/type)

Version R1.04

  • Better Loading Optimization
  • Fixed Item Requirmeent Glitch with different wields
  • Improved Loading Screen
  • Golden Compass will not be removed
  • Removed more Thundercap Special effects (Sound is annoying now)
  • Giant Spiders are actually giant
  • Vamp Door fixed where it could trap you inside
  • You can sell items to the treasurer now
  • Various Improvements

Version R1.03

  • Souls(Lumber) saved fixed
  • Illusion Item removal fixed
  • Fixed some more Special Effects
  • Fixed various minor issues

Version R1.02

  • Replaced Thunderclap ability with other special effects.
  • Darklords thundercap Special effect that did not delete is now removed
  • Switch up some more Special Effects for ones that were not working
  • Fixed Upgrade Ultimate Daemonic Sword
  • Various shallow water terrian fixes
  • Fishing Frogs will not get removed

Version R1.01

  • Fixed Issue with saving items
  • Fixed issue with autosave interupting channeling spells
  • Fixed issue with certain item such as keys being removed (Vamp Keys)
  • Fixed Lottery Number display
  • Daemonic Sword set to lvl 5 requirement
  • Slowly fixing and improving sounds and special effects to better suit Reforged (Thunder Clap, Some Special Effects are just missing entirely)
  • Sacrific/Vanquish Spells on Summoner now heals summoner.

Version R1.00

Designed for Reforged

The wait is over and reforged has finally come! Thank you to everyone, together let us bring in a whole new era of Daemonic Sword for many more years to come! This is only the beginning, and there is so much more work to be done. Lets make Daemonic Sword ORPG the number #1 game on warcraft 3!

VERY IMPORTANT: (Code Wipe) This version will force all players to start new again please join our discord and read the annoucements to learn more. Thank you!

  • Revamped Save/load Codes (Smaller case letters) (Allows for smallers codes and thus more to save eventually)
  • Bank Vaults are now in their own seperate Building located besides the Mage Guild near Ramoria. (Center of the Mapish)
  • Removed a lot of Custom Models decreasing File Size of Daemonic Sword ORPG
  • Daemonic Sword is Compatible with both Classic and Reforged!
  • All work is still done in Classic Warcraft 3 Editor to allow for CrossGameplay.
  • Necromancer and Demon Hunter are now based on new units and may cause old saves to become messed up, or load another hero type or not work at all.
  • Item Fusion now located inside Temple of the One.
  • Ultimate Daemonic Sword now upgrades inside the Daemonic Cave where you find the Daemonic Sword.
  • Reforged Models still have weapons and shields. (In time Hiveworkshop will create awesome models however I still want it to be compatible with Classic / Reforged.
  • Some Models have not been upgraded to reforged as there is not a default model which can replace it at this time.
  • Reverted alot of custom models to Classic Models to enhance Reforged.
  • All interfering Doodads and Terrain enhanced and revamped for Reforged
  • Converted base terrain into Ashenvale and removed custom terrain and replaced with defaults to be suit both classic and reforged.
  • Removed Daemonic Bolt/Angelic Light and replaced with Angelic Speed (Haste)
  • Knockback/Indy knockback should cause some bonus damage when enemy slams into unpathable locations. (ei: Slams into a wall)
  • Revamped a lot of locations for more space and to enhance inside locations.
  • Esc on autosave/lockboxes should be resolved
  • Revamped Necromancers Unholy Frenzy into Unholy Touch. (All New you should like it a lot)
  • All Enchanted Gauntlets now will have Haste Ability (Faster Attack Speed)
  • Abyssinal Gate can now only be opened by Ancient Key
  • Ice Temple Revamped
  • All walls redone and correct size
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