I miss you, but my arrow don't.
Attribute Level 1 Per Level Level 500
Strength 8 5 2503
Agility 31 15 7516
Intelligence 11 6 3005
Life 1060 100 50960
Mana 22 12 6010
Damage 92 15 6077
Range 500


Roles: Ranged DPS, Debuffs

Description: She's the only character with a 6 mob multishot, and she also boasts an armor reduction ability as well as a banish for priority targets. To offset her squishiness as a ranged character, she's given wolf summons and mirror images to take hits for her while she unleashes destruction from behind the front lines. She evolves into the Sentinel.


  • Best ranged auto attack in the game. Hits 6 enemies for high damage augmented by crits, flat dmg boosts, and percentage dmg boosts.
  • Frost arrows, summoned wolves, and mirror image, can all help keep stronger enemies away from you while you attack from a safe distance.
  • Has a binding ability that will stop an enemy in it's tracks for a few moments. Exceptionally good in parties.
  • Banish can remove a troublesome foe from the fight while you focus on easier prey.
  • Decent number of AOEs to augment auto attacks.
  • Perfect for hit and run tactics.
  • She deals arrow damage in 1st stance without using arrow.
  • Abilities don't cost much mana.


  • Low strength leads to low hp if you don't augment with end game gear.
  • Is one of several heroes with the lowest intel progression in the game. This leaves the ranger with a very small mana pool, which can make maintaining constant frost arrows difficult at times.
  • If you want to do highest damage, then you need to switch to stance 2 and cost arrows. Thus you must spend time fletching arrows.



Fires an arrow that causes major damage to its initial target, then explodes causing damage to nearby enemies.

  • DAMAGE FORMULA: (750 x Ability) + (Agility x 2)
  • EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE: (Agility x 2)
  • MANA COSTS: Levels 1=5mp, 10=50mp, 20=100mp, 30=150mp, 40=250mp, 50=350mp, 60=450mp, 70=600mp, 80=800mp, 90=1000, 100=1000mp

Review: Power Shot is great both as a bossing ability and as an AOE. The mana cost is pretty generous as well, making it spammable despite your low mana pool. Definitely worth leveling.


Gives a constant 10% chance that the Rangers arrows will hit a vital organ causing critical strike. Each level will increase attack damage and the Critical Strike Damage.

  • FORMULA: 50 Dmg x Ability Level
  • Critical Strike Dmg: 2.00 + (.05 x Ability Level)
  • Passive: Max lvl = 60

Review: This is a flat damage boost plus some nice crit damage. 3000 flat dmg and 10% for 2.3x damage at max level. Not bad at all.

Multi Form

Creates multiple form that confuse opponents. Higher Levels bring stronger images and more of them increasing their damage, armor, and Length.

  • Creates: 1 Image per level
  • Attack Damage: Levels 1=5%, 2=5%, 3=5%, 4=7%, 5=7%, 6=8%, 7=9%, 8=10%
  • Damage Taken: Levels 1=x2.5, 2=x2.5, 3=x2.5, 4=x2.5, 5=x2.0, 6=x2.0, 7=x1.5, 8=x1.5
  • Mana Costs: Levels 1=100mp, 2=300mp, 3=500mp, 4=700mp, 5=900mp, 6=1100mp, 7=1300mp, 8=1500mp

Review: Garbage at low levels, pretty good at max level. It only uses up 8 skill points and will probably help keep the heat off of you in boss fights. Max level adds 80% attack damage spread out at 10% among each of the 8 clones. Mostly a bossing skill or used to escape tough battles.


Jumps and shoots multiple guided arrows at all opponents within the area. The arrows then explode dealing massive damage.

  • DAMAGE FORMULA: (Ability Level x 500) + (Agility x 2.5)
  • MANA COSTS: Levels 1=10mp, 10=100mp, 20=200mp, 30=450mp, 40=700mp, 50=950mp, 60=1400mp, 70=1900mp, 80=2400mp, 90=2500mp, 100=2500mp

Review: A more powerful AOE than power shot, but this also costs more. This is a point blank AOE that doesn't need to be targeted. Put some points into it to help when you get surrounded.


The Ranger grows in skill and speed granting her new abilities to make her the most powerful of ranged heroes.


COMPANIONS (level 1)

The Ranger calls her animal companion

  • Summons: 1 Ranger's Wolf
    • STATS: 7500hp, 10 armor, 426 dmg, Melee range. (Heavy armor, Direct Dmg). 
    • Duration: Permanent. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Mana Cost: 100mana

Review: Your Trusty wolf friends. Pretty solid summons that can take the hits while you attack from a distance.

ICE ARROW (level 1)

The Ranger enchants her arrows with cold magic, which slows down the target's attack and movement speed, greatly reducing their effectiveness

  • Enemy Attack speed -25%
  • Enemy Move Speed -40%
  • Mana Cost: 75mana per shot

Review: This is a great skill to help keep enemies away from you and reduce their dps when they do get too close. It does cost a constant amount of mana, so it could get costly without some intel or mana items.

MULTI-ARROW (level 1)

Having gained experience in the art of ranged combat the Hero can now attack 3 enemies at once.

  • PASSIVE: Multishot 3 enemies

Review: Amazing passive. This lets you mow down scores of enemies all at once. One of the ranger's best abilities.


MARKSMAN (level 1)

The Hero causes more amage by hiting vital spots on the target.

  • PASSIVE: Damage Increase: 10%

Review: This is basically a personal trueshot aura. Pure DPS increase. I'm not complaining.


MULTI-ARROW (level 2)

  • PASSIVE: Multishot 4 enemies

CHAINS (level 1)

Magically binds a target enemy unit so they can neither move nor attack. The initial strike causes great damage while continuing for 5 seconds afterwards.

  • Damage Formula: (agility x4) +2000/sec
  • Duration: Heroes 5 seconds, Units 10 seconds. Cooldown: 30 Seconds. Mana Cost: 150mana

Review: A binding spell. This is great for use on bosses or priority targets. Not so good while mass killing mobs, as it will probably slow down your overall AOE DPS and leaves you vulnerable.


COMPANIONS (level 2)

The Ranger calls her Ultimate wolf, which is already affected by beast training.

  • Summons: 1 Daemonic Ghost Wolf
  • STATS: 51150hp, 40 armor, 2126 dmg, melee range. (Magical armor, Direct dmg)
  • ABILITIES: 20% crit x2, cleave 10%, Self invisibility dur 60 cd 60
  • Duration: Permanent. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Mana Cost: 300mana

VOID ARROWS (level 1)

When the target is hit by this arrow it will become ethereal where it cannot attack and has slow movement. Ethereal units receive additional damage from spells.

  • Enemy Movement Decreased: 60%
  • Duration: heroes 5 seconds, units 20 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Mana Cost: 200mana

Review: This cold be useful against priority targets in combination with power shot and cross shot, but it just seems an odd fit for the ranger. You probably wont use this much in your every day fights.


MARKSMAN (level 2)

The Hero causes more damage by hitting vital spots on the target.

  • PASSIVE: Damage Increase 20%


Find a targets weak spot by granting vision of it and reducing its armor.

  • Armor Reduction: 40
  • Range: 800
  • Duration: 45 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Mana Cost: 800mana

Review: Great ability. Especially if you want to use hit and run attacks. This allows you to maintain vision of the enemy even when out of line of sight. You can easily setup ambushes, and then run before they have a chance to react. The armor reduction also adds a good deal to your dps.


ICE ARROW (level 2)

The magics the ranger possesses grown even more powerful and her arrows of cold have now become frost.

  • Enemy attack speed -35%
  • Enemy Move speed -60%
  • Mana Cost: 250mana per shot

MULTI-ARROW (level 3)

The Ranger is a master of the bow.

  • Passive: Multishot 5 enemies.

VOID ARROWS (level 2)

  • Enemy Movement Decreased: 70%
  • Duration: Heroes 10 seconds, Units 25 seconds. Cooldown: 25 seconds. Mana Cost: 500mana

RAIN OF ARROWS (level 2)

Calling upon ancient powers the Hero unleashes massive volleys of arrows at her opponents.

  • Damage per Wave: (Agility x 3)
  • Waves: 3
  • Area: 500
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds. Mana Cost: 2150


COMPANIONS (level 3)

The Ranger calls her Daemonic Black Wolf to her aid. This powerful beast will make short work of opponents with its fangs.

  • Summons: 1 Daemonic Black Wolf
  • STATS: 150,000hp, 60 Armor, 4256 dmg, melee range. (Hero Armor, Direct Dmg)
  • ABILITIES: 20% crit x2, Cleave 10%, self invisibility 60 dur 60 cd.
  • Duration: Permanent. Cooldown: 90 Seconds. Mana Cost: 500mana


Attacks all enemies within range so quickly it appears as if there are multiple heroes. Illusions and summons receive double damage.

  • Damage per unit: (agility x3)
  • Aoe: 600
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds. Mana Cost: 3000 mana.

Really fun and powerful ability. Go try it out and bask in its awesomeness. No really, go. I'll wait.


TARGETED (level 2)

  • Enemy Armor Reduction: 100
  • Range: 825
  • Duration: 45 seconds. Cooldown: 25 seconds. Mana Cost: 600mana


Combining her greatest techniques together into an ultimate end for its victim. Unleashing arrows from all directions there is no escape for the chosen victim.

  • Total Damage: (agility x15)
  • Damage Type: Spell
  • Cooldown 80 seconds. Mana Cost 4000mana

Review: Insanely strong attack, and she continues to fire off auto attacks while it deals damage. It's a bit pricey, but you should be able to afford it by the time you get it.


COMPANIONS (level 4)

The Ranger calls her pack to aid her. Four Powerful Daemonic Wolves of the moon. Equipped with superior claws and teeth, they are unleashed upon the enemy.

  • Summons: 4 Daemonic Wolves of the moon
  • Stats: 320,000hp, 100 armor, 8251 dmg. (Hero armor, Hero dmg)
  • ABILITIES: 20% crit x2, cleave 10%, self invisibility 60 dur 60 cd.
  • Duration: permanent. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Mana Cost: 1000mana

ICE ARROW (level 3)

Ice surrounds the arrows of the Ranger, almost completely freezing enemies in their tracks.

  • Enemy Move speed Decreased: 80%
  • Enemy Attack Speed Decreased 50%
  • Mana Cost: 500mana per shot

CHAINS (level 2)

Binds the target not allowing movement while causing great initial damage and a slow aftershock of pain.

  • Damage Formula: (agility x4) +5000/sec.
  • Duration: Heroes 7 seconds, Units 10 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Mana Cost: 1000mana

VOID ARROWS (level 3)

  • Enemy Movement Decreased: 80%
  • Duration: Heroes 15 seconds, Units 30 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Mana Cost: 1000mana


Create a portal and then attack it and fill it with arrows. Once destroyed it will unleash all the arrows within. The portal attack grows with the Hero's level.

  • Damage per arrow: (Hero level x10)
  • Duration: 15 seconds. Cooldown: 80 seconds. Mana Cost: 4500 mana

Review: This is powerful, but kind of tricky to use. you have to summon it, then reselect your hero and manually attack the portal. once you do it will split into many mini portals that attack the enemies. The portal only lasts a few seconds, so be quick about it.


COMPANIONS (level 5)

The wolves have begun to evolve into something greater, the full moon rises and the thirst for blood grows within the pack.

  • Summons: 5 Bloodwolves
  • Stats: 412,500 hp, 166 armor, 9251 dmg, (Demon Armor, Hero Dmg)
  • ABILITIES: 20% crit x2, cleave 10%, self invisibility dur 60 cd 60.
  • Duration: Permanent. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Mana Cost: 1500mana

MULTI-ARROW (level 4)

The Ranger is overflowing with daemonic energy, making her capable of firing up to six arrows at once to nearby enemies.

  • PASSIVE: Multishot 6 Enemies.

MARKSMAN (level 3)

  • PASSIVE: Damage Increase 30%

TARGETED (level 3)

  • Enemy Armor Reduction: 150
  • Range: 850
  • Duration: 45 seconds. Cooldown: 25 seconds. Mana Cost: 800mana

Ultimate Items

Xan's Daemonic Quiver (level 200 req) (Ultimate)

Virisus (Level 350 req) (Ultimate)


The Ranger's Evolution Location is in the Desert Town, at the graveyard with the white pillar. She transform into the Sentinel.