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The Pure Vampire is the evolved form of the Vampire.

"I am of pure blood, and my terror and wrath shall be felt by all."

Pure Vampire
Attribute Level 1 Per Level Level 400
Strength 15 8 3207
Agility 40 12 4828
Intelligence 10 6 2404
Life 2015 160 65855
Mana 20 12 4808
Damage 161 12 4949
Range Melee

Pure Vampire[]

ROLES: Melee DPS, Stealth, Debuff[]

Description:  The Pure Vampire is a great upgrade to the original. He has pretty much everything the Vampire did, with a few new additions. No reason to complain here.


  • Better Stats
  • Blood Gorging replaces the mediocre Wings of Terror ability
  • Gains a life steal Aura that stacks with his personal lifesteal
  • Gains a more powerful windwalk ability


  • Slow/Sleep (yep, that's it)


*Note that most cooldowns get longer as you level skills. This applies to all heroes*


Blood Gorging.png
Each attack tears apart your victims, spilling blood in every direction for a short duration.

  • Damage Increase: (Strength + Agility)
  • Increases Attack Speed
  • Increases move speed
  • Duration: 10 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 25 Seconds

Review: Much better than Wings of terror. It applies the bonus to each attack. As an agility hero, we attack pretty quickly (and can pump athletics to attack faster). This skill has almost no mana cost so try to keep it active as much as possible.


Use Vampiric speed to quickly feed off nearby units. Damaging them and healing yourself.

  • FORMULA: (25 x level) + (Agi x (2+(lvl/400)))
  • VICTIM NUMBER: 3 + (Hunting Skill/5)
  • LIFE HEALED: 200 x Hunting Skill
  • MANA COSTS: 10 mp + 2 x lvl

Review: Attacks multiple enemies, has a heal, and has a low mana cost. This skill is great. I'd max this before wings of terror. Be sure to increase your hunting profession for stronger heals and more targets hit.

BONUSES: The following items each add 1x agility damage to Feed.

  1. Daemonic Boots of Supremacy
  2. Valkyrie's Set or Renegade Forgotten's Set

Vampiric Blood[]

Vampiric Blood.png
Increase the chance for the Vampire to evade an opponent. Critical strike will 5% chance to deal more Damage.

  • Critical Chance: 5% (10% for evolved)
  • Critical Mult: 0.5 + (lvl x .002)
  • Evasion: +15%
  • Knockback: +1%

Review: Similar to the Dark Lord's Combat training, this is amazing for both offense and defense. Currently it seems to be giving more crit chance and multiplier than is stated on the tooltip (vR2.19)


Become Invisible for a short period of time, and strike from the shadows with deadly force

  • DMG FORMULA: (100 x lvl) + (Agility x (2+(lvl/400)))
    • Evolved does x2 dmg
  • Damage Type: Air
  • DURATION: 20 Seconds
  • MANA COSTS: 15mp + (3 x lvl)

Review: Great for stealth, movespeed, or just additional damage.


Fresh blood and darkness feed only this vampire to his true power. The more he feeds, the more abilities and power he will have.

LEVEL 1:[]


Vampirism (1).png
With each attack the vampire drains the victims blood and replenishes his own life.

  • PASSIVE: +5% Lifesteal

Review: Possibly the best thing you could ask for in a melee dps. This ability will go a long way towards keeping you alive.

LEVEL 2:[]


Vampiric Aura.png
Nearby owned units gain the power of the vampire, allowing them to steal life with each hit.

  • PASSIVE: 5% Lifesteal
  • AoE: 600

Review: If Vampirism wasn't enough for you, now you can give lifesteal to your allies, AND it stacks with Vampirism. Giving you even more lifesteal :)

LEVEL 3:[]


Slice through summons and illusions, causing extra damage to them.

  • Extra Damage: (Str + Agi)

Review: This was nerfed pretty heavily, with how seldom you see enemy illusions and summons (as opposed to bosses just spawning unsummoned units), I don't know how useful it will be. Still useful against Nagator's clones but much less so.

LEVEL 4:[]


Eclipse (4).png
Unleash the horde of bats upon your enemies as they drain and destroy all in their path.

  • Damage per wave: Agility
  • Waves: 5
  • Dmg Type: Unholy
  • Stun Duration: 3 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 45 Seconds.
  • Mana Cost: 2250 mana

Review: This skill is just great. Pump up your agility to get more damage out of it.

BONUSES: Each of these items will add an additional 1x agility damage to eclipse.

  1. Valseran's Hate or Nocturna
  2. Thaerion's Set
  3. Apocalyptica or Apocalyptica (Reforged)

LEVEL 5:[]

Necropolis (replaces fountain of blood)[]

Necropolis.png The City of the dead has emerged. With it come auras of death and pain.

  • Damage per missile: Agility
  • life/sec: 2500
  • Duration: 15+(Hero lvl/50) 
  • Cooldown: 100 seconds

Summons Demon Vampires

  • Amount: 1-5
  • Health: 33%
  • Dmg: 33%
  • Armor: 25 + (lvl/2)
  • Attack range: Melee
  • Dmg Type: Holy
  • Armor Type: Demon
  • Duration: Permanent or until necropolis is cast again

LEVEL 6:[]

CLEAVE (level 1)[]

The hero hits with such force that their damage strikes through to nearby enemies

  • Cleave Damage: 10%

VAMPIRIC AURA (level 3)[]

Nearby owned units gain the power of the vampire, allowing them to steal life with each hit.

  • PASSIVE: 10% Lifesteal
  • AoE: 600

LEVEL 7:[]

CLEAVE (level 2)[]

Cleave 15% (8).png
Attacks Slash Through the target dealing percent damage to nearby enemies

  • Cleave Damage: 15%

Dark Fear.png
Makes all units within the area fear for their lives decreases their attributes.

  • Damage Decreased: 20%
  • Armor Decreased: 100
  • Duration: 30 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds.
  • Mana Cost: 250 mana

Review: a nice little debuff to help you out against tougher enemies.

LEVEL 8:[]

CLEAVE (level 3)[]

Cleave 20% (9).png
Attacks Slash Through the target dealing percent damage to nearby enemies

  • Cleave Damage: 20%


Flash Strike (8).png
Attacks all enemies within range so quickly it appears as if there are multiple heroes. Illusions and summons recieves double damage.

  • Damage per unit: Agi x 3
  • Dmg Type: Physical
  • Victim Number: 3 + (Hunting/5)
  • Area of Effect: 600
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds.
  • Mana Cost: 1000 mana

Review: Decent agility damage and aoe size. It also looks pretty cool. Use against packs of mobs, and increase your hunting to hit more enemies.

BONUSES: The following items each add 1x Agility damage to Flash Strike.

  1. Daemonic Weapon of the One
  2. Valkyrie's Set or Renegade Forgotten's Set
  3. Ultimate Orb of Evil or Gale


Thirst (8).png
While active all incoming attacka will be countered and all spells cast by the Hero will increase their life.

  • Life Steal Bonus: +5% Lifesteal
  • Reflect Damage: Str/4
  • Bonus armor: 50
  • Duration: 20 sec
  • Cooldown: 120 sec
  • Mana Cost: 500 mp

Review: Great buff for defense, has a long downtime though.

LEVEL 9:[]

CLEAVE (level 4)[]

Cleave 25% (10).png
Attacks Slash Through the target dealing percent damage to nearby enemies

  • Cleave Damage: 25%

Immortality (replaces blood)[]

The vampire's immortality is rooted deep within the tainted blood, granting him many dark gifts over the centuries.

  • Reflect incoming attacks/spells: 10%
  • Resist all counters/reflects
  • Life regen/sec: 0.3%


  • Thirst + Blood Gorging: Animate vampires from the dead.

Review:Amazing defensive passive. The reflect resilience is a godsend for an auto attacking hero and the 0.3% regen means you get 300/sec for every 100k hp. In version R2.19, the thirst + blood gorging combo doesn't seem to do anything.

LEVEL 10:[]

CLEAVE (level 5)[]

Cleave 30%.png
Attacks Slash Through the target dealing percent damage to nearby enemies

  • Cleave Damage: 30%


Eternal Night (10).png Unleash the thousands of bats that swirl around the vampire causing massive damage to all those within.

  • Damage Per Wave: Agi x 2
  • Dmg Type: Unholy
  • Waves: 7
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds
  • Mana Cost: 3250 mana

Review: The vampire's ultimate ability. Deals a total of 14x Agility. Use as often as you can.

BONUSES: The following items each add 1x agility damage to eternal night.

  1. Diabolica's Set


The following Items all give ability bonuses for Pure Vampire. (vR1.24)