The Mage's Guild is located in the large building to the East of Ramoria. Talk to the Archmage to join the guild. Quests are rewarded with experience and speechcraft.

Mages Guild

Side Quests

  • Talking to the leader is a requirement for several Housing quests
  • Talk to the leader about "Wanted" to turn in scrolls for 100 speechcraft exp each
  • Talk to the leader about business to clear magical fires (using northern winds song) and obtain stacks of scrolls


  1. Deliver 25 Amanita Brenellia to the Archmage
  2. Deliver 25 Amanita Virolia to the Archmage
  3. Deliver 25 Arboris Fumo to the Archmage
  4. Recover the 1st Book of Primus from the cave to the East of Fira (Requires destroying rocks via Song, and picking a Lockbox).
  5. Destroy renegade wizards in the Ramoria Graveyard
  6. Kill Renegade wizards in the Temple of Heaven
    • The quest description for this is wrong and the ping shows inside the temple itself, so it can be hard to find if you don't know where they're at already.
  7. Kill Renegade wizards in a bandit camp at the far northwest of the Northern Mountains (requires Song of Fira to kill the invincible master wizards).
  8. Retrieve the 2nd Book of Primus from Ice Crown Temple.
    • where the ancient key is, in the scorpion room, there is another little chest and inside it is the book.
  9. Return the 2nd Book of Primus to the Archmage
  10. Kill the wizards that attack the Mages Guild
  11. Talk to the Guild master
  12. Travel to the Ancient Library
  13. Travel to the Arcane Temple in the Valley of Sernos. Talk to Archmage Caugn. Fight off the wave of Wizards (use song of Fira for the invinc master wizards). (you'll be teleported back to the mages guild and the final book of primus will be on the ground).
  14. Give Final Book of Primus to the guild Archmage
  15. Talk to the Guild Master
  16. Talk to the Guild Arch Mage
  17. Travel to the ice temple. To the right of the midboss is a path protected by Ice, Rocks, and Fire. Use the apropriate Songs to get rid of them and open the lockbox at the end to obtain a stash of void crystals.
  18. Travel to the jungle and kill the Voidwalker with the Song of Dark Haven(Haven of the Lost). (He does percent HP damage so kill him fast).
  19. Kill another voidwalker to the east of the Northern Mountains.
  20. KIll another voidwalker to the east of the orc village (Furtherst east you can go on the mainland)
  21. Kill the spawn of wizards and voidwalkers that spawn in the guild
  22. End of Mages Quests as of v6.99
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