Key of Sevens

Written on the key is the number one
Quest:This Key opens one of the doors in the Temple of Keys. There are Seven Keys in total hidden throughout the land.


Key of Sevens is a set of seven keys found throughout Brenellia . The keys' only purpose is to lead the player through the Temple of Sevens , the dungeon which Nagator is the final boss of. There is no other bosses, except for a small event at which you'll have to fight a clone of yourself. The seven keys and the Infernal Hammer is required to get to Nagator.

Beware, the Temple of Sevens is probably the hardest temple in the map. Be prepared for a hard fight.

Key of Sevens 1

See Key of Sevens 1

Key of Sevens 2

See Key of Sevens 2

Bring the Mysterious Amulet to the portal in the Abandoned Cave to spawn a series of zombies. Defeating them will yield the Key of Sevens 2.

ver 6.3X+: Use the obelisk in the lower left corner (reachable by swinging with 10 length of rope) of the Abandoned Cave with the Mysterious Amulet on your hero.

Key of Sevens 3

See Key of Sevens 3

Drops from Lazar, Hydra King, and Thaerion, high end chest (vaults, safes, and such) and rarely from Level 50 or Higher monsters. Infernals in hell have a pretty good chance of dropping it.

Key of Sevens 4

See Key of Sevens 4

Dig up in the Ramoria Graveyard where you fight the Daemon.

Key of Sevens 4

The location of the key

Key of Sevens 5

See Key of Sevens 5

  • Reward from Gruun's quest.
  • Gruun gives it for free if you have high enough Renown.

Key of Sevens 6

See Key of Sevens 6

Bring the Mysterious Amulet to the Tower of the Dead to respawn Ahl-Goreh. Defeating him will yield the Key of Sevens 6. As of Version 6.58: Go to Ancient Church. With Mysterious Amulet equipped, go to the altar and activate it. It will spawn Apocalyptic Zombies and other demons. They drop Key of Sevens 6.

Key of Sevens 7

See Key of Sevens 7

Spawns after some time in the Survival Mini-game in the Alexandrian Arena.

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