Monster Levels: 30-60
Boss: Lazar

Location : Ice temple location.png


Ice temple.png

  1. Enter the dungeon, walk until you see the polar bear and kill him to get your first dungeon key.
  2. open west door, go to switch 2 and activate it with your hero.
  3. go straight to switch 3, activate it with your hero, then go to switch 4 and activate it too. Once those steps done, lure the giant scorpion to the switch 5 (only the giant scorpion can activate it and open the door that leads to the "polar bear's" room), kill it to get the giant scorpion's item and put the item in your bagpack (you'll need it later).
  4. Go back to the "polar bear's" room and kill him again to get another dungeon key. Once done, open the north door and go straight to switch 6.
  5. Activate the switch 6 with your hero and continue your way to switch 7.
  6. Use your bagpack, equiped with giant scorpion's item, continue your way to switch 9 and activate it (switch 8 only unlocks the passage from switch 8 to switch 7, but not the reverse (7 to 8) !).
  7. Go at the digging spot, dig the dungeon key with your pickaxe (it's a spell with a pickaxe icon in your bagpack.), put the item in your bagpack , get the south door open and kill again the "polar bear" for another dungeon key.
  8. Open west door and now you can activate the first switch (switch 10) in the room (wich was not activable at the very begining of the dungeon.). Go straight to the tunnel above switch 2 kill the scorpion again and get his item in your bagpack. Lure the scorpion to switch 5 and leave this room.
  9. Kill the "polar bear", get the dungeon key, open north door, go to switch 7, continue your way to switch 9, go nord east pass the door and kill the miniboss at Miniboss location.
  10. Kill the miniboss, get the Boss dungeon key he drops. Now you can walk to the Ice Crown Boss door and fight the boss !
  11. Boss fight Lazar, Good luck ! :)
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