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Enter the dungeon in the west part of the area North of the Ancient City Ruins. You must be Level 100 to Enter Hell.

Points of Interest[]

  • There is an Infernite Ore location in the first room as you enter Hell, inside a gated off area there will be hell stones.
  • Ahl-Goreh is located within the Diablo's Infernal room, south of the statue to the east of the room. Starts a mini-quest chain
  • There are 3 spots that will spawn many waves of Demon Hounds when approached: The corner after pressing the lever at the start of the dungeon, inside Cerberus room, and inside the Infernal room.

How to pass[]

Items Needed:

  • Infernal Hammer (Req. Lvl 100) (Found inside Dungeon) (Or other item with Smash ability)
  • If you already have an Infernal Hammer prior to entering the dungeon, you can skip steps 1-7.
  • (Optional) Diablo's set or Fallen Angel set, to open almost all the doors in hell without any key. Set can be in your hero inventory or backpack and will function as a universal key to the dungeon)
  • If you have one of these sets and the Infernal Hammer, you can enter the boss room in a minute. Simply walk through all the gates up to the room north from the wooden bridge. Enter and head left instead of the usual right into the Revenant room. Walk through the 2 gates, hammer smash the button below the infernal room which will raise the elevator in front of the boss room, then back track and enter the boss room.



Text Guide[]

  1. Once in Hell you will see a lever to hit to the east side. Hit the lever and run to the massive gate north east from the entrance.
  2. When you get through the massive gate, you'll need to kill Cerberus (if Cerberus is not being summoned press on the altar in the middle and press Use action). When Cerberus will be killed door will open to the next area. Kill him and proceed through the door then go north until you come to wooden bridges. Above you is a small room with a pressure plate in it but can't be accessed. Walk west across the bridge dig at the question mark to obtain a dungeon key.
  3. Use it on the door below, enter the room and step on the pressure plate, it will open a door and summon the God of Darkness. Kill the God of Darkness, pick up the dungeon key he drops and backtrack out of the room and towards the bridge.
  4. Walk right across the bridge, press the button in the small room above, then cross the bridge again and head north east through the now open door and into a large room full of Demon Revenants and Acolytes.
  5. There is a pressure plate in the very top right corner next to a locked door which will need to be pressed by a Demon Revenant, this will open a door far west.
  6. Go far west into the room with 2 doors, enter the open door and dig up a key. Go back to the East room and use that key to enter the Upper room with the circle.
  7. Entering the rooms portal will take you to the Infernals room. Dig in the centre rune to obtain an Infernal Hammer, then equip and use the hammer on the rune to summon an invulnerable infernal. One of the 3 buttons in the room will occasionally pop up, when it does walk over and use the infernal hammer to smash the button, and if the infernal is near the red rune it will take a large chunk of damage. Once you have the hammer and defeat the infernal, leave the room through the portal.
  8. You will be back at the beginning, so again hit the lever enter Cerberus's room, kill him and walk up. Walk across the bridge, go North and then go to the West side where you digged key previously. Go to the pressure plate and hit it with a hammer (from this point on all the pressure plates will be smashed with this Hammer, so you will need it till you get Boss Key), it will open door right next to the pressure plate.
  9. Go to the room and use the hammer on the pressure plate at the end of the room, you will receive message about elevator opened. Before going to the elevator, walk outside of the room go to the right and dig out another key. With the key go North and open the door with the key, you will see that elevator is up now and you can pass there.
  10. You'll end up in a room full of Infernals. In the bottom right corner of the room is a digsite for a dungeon key, grab that then lure an infernal over the pressure plate on the left side or use the hammer on that pressure plate. When the pressure plate is pressed walk down and smash the next pressure plate with the Hammer. Use the key on the gate to your right, enter the next room smash the new button with the Hammer.
  11. The path is clear to run back to right above Cerberus room (when you killed Cerberus and walked North you saw on the left side a room with a metal box). There is an open gate with a metal box inside. Use the infernal hammer on the box to obtain the boss key, then run back across the bridge all the way west, open the boss gate and enter Diablos throne room.
  12. Kill Diablo

Battling Diablo[]

If you are battling him as per good main quest then once your hero gets close enough to him it will trigger dialogue and make both of you invulnerable (dialogue will not trigger at all if your hero is ranged and never gets close to him the whole battle, but the quest may not be read as complete after you killed him). He will occasionally summon Infernals and cast a Fireball on you which does damage and stuns for about two seconds. Once his health is depleted to about 75-80% he will transform, become level 350 rather than 400, lose his 6 diablos items and have two new items instead. When killed he will drop Diablos Essence, and a random piece of the diablos set. One diablos set piece will drop for each good hero but each hero can only claim the one piece that dropped for them from Diablo's Lair.

  • Should you happen to own Diablo's Set or Fallen Angel's Set, most doors in Hell open up when you approach.