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Gem of Eternity
Gem of Eternity.png
Req. Level 150
Req. Attribute 300 Wisdom
Type Neckless

The Gem of Eternity will grant the keeper ultimate knowledge of the magical arts.


+2000 Int
+100 Mana Regeneration/sec
+2500 Mana
+5% Spell Absorbtion


Aura of Eternity: -20% Attack Speed and Movement


Novas (Death, Sorc, Arc)
Circle of Death (Death)
Arcane Cannon (Arcane)
Ice Age (Summoner)
Chaos of Souls (Necro)


1 Supreme Stone
100 potentia Stones


How to Obtain[]

To get this item you need to have 300 Wisdom and take the Gem of Time to the Ice Temple. In the room with the Ice King, there is a huge chunk of ice to the right of the room, you'll have to destroy the ice block near king and walk a bit up, this will break your gem of time in three pieces. Collect all three pieces and a Meteorite head back to the ice temple to the right of the mini-boss room to receive the Gem.

Pieces List

Returning the 3 fragments without the Meteorite will result in a message telling the hero that they are unworthy, and receiving another Gem of Time. Entering the huge ice chunk with this will restart the quest.