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Fusion item table

Name Requires Fusion place
Apocalyptica Pandora's Box + Key of the One + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Artifact of the Master Artifact Piece 1/4 + Artifact Piece 2/4 + Artifact Piece 3/4 + Artifact Piece 4/4 + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Blacks Pirate's Hat Pirate Relic 1 - 4 + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Daemonic Cuirass of the One True Excalibur + Glorious Boots of the Gods + Gem of Eternity + Ultima + Daemonic Cuirass of Power + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Daemonic's Dragon Ring Daemonic Relic 1 - 4 + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Daemonic Weapon of the One Prismatic Amulet of the One + Legendary Daemonic Sword +Nagator's Soul + Essence of the Almighty + Essence of Diablo + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Elemental Water + Air+ Earth + Fire + Ice + Lightning Fusion shop
Golden Gauntlets of Eternity Complete key of eternity Fire mountain
Golden Helm of Medallions Black Citadel Medallion + Water Temple Medallion + Ice Crown Temple Medallion + Fusion Stone Fusion Shop
Daemonic Shield of Nagator Nagator's Wings + Nagator's Heart + Daemonic Shield + Ultima +Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Holy War Love's Tear + Ultimate Orb of Evil + Orb of Oblivion + Ultima + Elemental + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Infinitas Antonidas's Willpower + Love's Tear + Gem of Eternity + Ultima Fira Castle
Legendary Daemonic Sword Ultimate Daemonic Sword (either) + Celestial Orb of Souls (500) Fusion shop
Lifestream Elemental Elemental + Orb of Death + Orb of Life + Celestial Orb of Souls (300) + Ultima + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Man of Thunder Vanguard's Set + Lightning + Ultima + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Ring of Eternity Pandora's Box + Complete Key of Eternity + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Ring of the Three Golden Boots + Excalibur + Gem of Time + Fusion Stone Fusion shop
Ultimate Daemonic Sword of Life Daemonic Sword + Orb of Life Ancient City Temple
Ultimate Daemonic Sword of Death Daemonic Sword + Orb of Death Ancient City Temple
Daemonic Visor of the One Love's Tear + Ultimate Orb of Evil + Essence of the Almighty +Essence of Diablo + Daemonic Helm + Fusion Stone Fusion shop

see fusion place for where to fusion your item.

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