Fishing requires a Steel Fishing Rod, Carbon Steel Fishing Rod, or Chronominium Fishing Rod. To fish, locate a "ripple" spot, and use the rod on it. A message will appear telling you which directional arrow to press. It may take more than one pull.


  • Successfully fishing provides both fishing EXP and hero EXP. Formula: Hero Level x 10
  • Creating potions via Alchemy provides EXP


Fishing Chart:

  • Level 1 - Steel Rod (Fresh)
  • Level 25 - Steel Rod (Salt)
  • Level 35 - Carbon Rod (Salt)
  • Level 50 - Chrono Rod (Salt)
  • Level 65 - Fishing Bot (Salt)
  • Level 75 - Chrono Rod (Fresh)


  • Fishing is a great way to earn a lot gold from selling potions or other creations from alchemy
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