Fira is the first city for Good heroes. It is located slightly Northeast of the center of the map, and is home to the King. There is a mine in the north part of town that contains Iron Ore. Next to the mine are several Lumber Mills that can be purchased. There is a castle in the middle of town which holds the Advisor, and the king stays outside of it to the left.



The Gates of Fira





  1. Talk to the lady with an exclamation point next to a farm and she will ask you to retrieve lost supply crates. These are located directly outside the southeast gate. Return them to her to complete the quest. Reward - 100 exp, 500 Gold
  2. Move onto the beacon to the southwest of the farms to activate an escort quest for the farmers horses. Get all 4 horses to Ramoria. Reward- 250 gold per horse.
  3. Talk to the Lady South of the Church to start the Book of the Dragon quest. Reward - Draconian Shield of Skulls
  4. Talk to the trader about a letter to start the Key of Eternity quest. Reward- Either Ring of Eternity (fusion) or Golden Gauntlets of Eternity (finish quest).
  5. Sword in the Stone. Pull it out with 1000 base str. Reward - Excalibur
  6. See the Advisor in the castle
  7. Check out the Guild of the Golden Circle.


Warrior - Inside the Castle

General - Inside the Castle

Hunter - Inside the Castle


Farm - West (Behind Golden Guild) - 25,000 Gold

Farm - West (Behind Golden Guild) - 25,000 Gold

Inn - Southwest - 12,500 Gold

Inn - Northwest - 12,500 Gold

Tavern - West (East of Golden Guild) - 12,500 Gold

Shipyard - Northwest - 50,000 Gold