Source Codes

  • 3 quotes ' on each side of the word is bold
  • a br/ inside brackets <> is a line Break
  • ==Header 2===
  • ===Header 3===
  • ====Header 4====
  • [Page Link] 2 square brackets on each side for page links
  • a * is bullet list
  • a ** is sub bullet
  • a # Is numbered list
  • a ## is sub number
  • a *# is bullet with subnumber
  • a #* is number with subullet


  • Bullets
    1. one
    2. two
    3. three


Daemonic Item Template

Use this for all items you upload to the page. I've listed the important fields. all of these will automatically sort the item into page categories

  • name = Leave the name blank. this autofills with the page name
  • image = File: nameofimage.png    Upload the image to the wiki page first and then just copy paste the name
  • Req. Level 
  • Req. Attribute
  • Alignment 
  • Type: this is important. type Set, Helm, Right Handed, Boots, Etc

Next are the descriptive fields. Please put descriptions in the proper fields

  • Description = Any flavor text goes here. Stats do not
  • Stats = Stats go here
  • Abilities = Item Abilities go here
  • Bonuses = Bonuses to your hero abilities go here

Any other fields are just fluff. you can fill them out if you want to, but stuff like quests, enchantments and forging and better off typed onto the main page

Boss Template

Use this for all Bosses you upload. Includes attributes, drops and other stats that might be useful to know. will automatically categorize as a boss

​Monster Template

Similar to the boss template but without the attributes. will automatically categorize as a monster

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