Daemonic Sword of the One
Daemonic Sword of the One.png
Req. Level 390
Type Left Handed

The sword which knows no equal and makes nothing impossible.


+3500 Stats
+3500 Damage


Critical Strike: 15% Chance to deal 5x Damage
Evasion: 20%
Life Steal: 12%
Teleport to Temple of the One:
Life Critical: 5% to deal 1%


Aurora (Warrior)
Falling Light (Warrior)
Flash Strike (Assassin)
Flash Strike (Vampire)
Flash Strike (Ranger)


How to Obtain

Fusion:Prismatic Amulet of the One + Legendary Daemonic Sword + Essence of Nagator + Essence of the Almighty + Essence of Diablo at daemonic sword pedestal = Daemonic Weapon of the One


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