Daemonic Sword
Daemonic Sword
Req. Level 10
Type Left-Handed or Right-Handed

This is the Daemonic Sword, wielded once by the angel of light long ago...


+300 Damage
+50 Stats


Critical Strike: 7% chance to cause x2 Damage
Daemonic Burn: AOE: 1x All Stats
Daemonic Strike: Single Target: 1x All Stats
Change Wield: Switch from right to left hand


How to Obtain

Reward during the good main quest. Found when you are sent to the Ancient Cave southwest of Ramoria


Daemonic Sword + Orb of Life + Orb of Death= Daemonic Sword(Ultimate) (Fused at Ancient Cave)

  • note: all items must be in the daemonic sword altar's inventory.
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