Class items are acquired by maneuvering through Black Citadel , hitting the switch in the room directly before the boss room (Thaerion ), and going back above the lowered wall piece above all the bloodfiends. Go right, play Royal Magnus on guitar to get past rocks on elevator then take class item (req lvl 200).

Ultimate items can be improved by maneuvering to the room behind Sandman , in Ancient Ruins s. Alternatively you can go to the room with the mummies, moving as far as possible to the right without going into the teleporter, and moving your backpack (with class item) a bit to the left of the musician (musicians can be seen when they play their music which gives you vision). Keep trying until your backpack hits the right spot and your class item will be upgraded to its final form (req lvl 350). Note: The class item upgrade spot is in the room to the left of the musician but in line with the musician horizontally.

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