As of vR1.25 there are now many more buyable spells available in bookshelves across the land. They can be purchased with knowledge points (lumber). I'll be adding them as I come across them.

After you buy a spell it is added into your hero where patrol used to be. When you buy a new one it replaces the older one if you have one.

Mages Guild

Left Bookshelf

Right Bookshelf

Arcane Temple

Firian Church

Fira Castle

Guild of the Golden Circle

Alexandrian Church

Ancient Library

Temple of Evil

Vampire Den (bottom left room)


in the room with the obelisk and the switch to raise the elevator towards the infernals. Requires infernal hammer to get inside


A festival comes to Ramoria once in a while in vR1.25 The shrines available at the festival are random. there may be more I haven't found yet.

Festival Pillar

Shrine of Vida

Shrine of Peace

Shrine Morte

Shrine of Harvest

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