Bloody Wings of the Newbae (Enhanced)
Req. Level 350
Type Exquisite

Dæmonic blood has been infused with these wings increasing their power to its maximum. The Newbæ know no fear.


+5000 Intelligence
+100 Mana Regeneration/Sec


Summon Gargoyles
Mana Burst: When attacked has 5% chance to
explode dealing Damage.
Damage: Mana
Cooldown: 5
Blood Magic:
2% Chance to recover mana when attacked
Mana Recovered 10% of Damage
5% chance to steal life/mana when attacking
Health: 50% of Damage
Mana: 20% of Damage


Fingers of Death (Necromancer)
Fingers of Death (Death)
Fire Ball (Sorceress)
Arcane Bolt (Arcane Mage)


How to Obtain

Enchanting Pedestal: Bloody Wings of the Newbae + 25 Angel Feather + 25 Demon Crystal + 25 Potentia Stone = Bloody Wings of the Newbae (Enhanced)

(Speechcraft Lvl Req 50)

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