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Yiiiep6ok Yiiiep6ok 18 August 2019

Daemonic Orpg bugs/crashes

I am playing single player, version 6.99e, as ranger for around 10 days, got level 197. During game I have met many serious or small bugs and crashes. I will edit this post as bugs will be fixed/i will find more.

1) game crashes pretty often (older versions with auto item-removal did not, so I think most crashes come cause of item overspam on the map, since I cant take/sell them all, my backpack is permanetly full almost always). Can you add item clear command. or return auto item clear?

Every crash (including the one below) had a message like *not enough memory* and something else. Will edit it on next crash.

2) Once (currently only once) got game crashed when I used ultimate daemonic sword of life's *burn ability* when I was fighting invul…

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MjCraft MjCraft 28 February 2017

Best way to solo Bosses

The best one i think is a character with high life steal,atk and def. I can solo any Boss except Super Nagator because of his Stats, my older brother even scold me because i want to kill super nagator just to make an article for super nagator, the one i used is Daemonic reaper while he uses is Defender of Realms. He heals himself while i do the overall because i just need someone who can handle Super Nagator for me to do damages, we use both chosen one's set and daemonic sword of the one cause of his high health that makes him weaker to us.

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Shinra07 Shinra07 12 May 2016

Pages without Items

These are pages without any corresponding in-game item.  Most of these are old names for items, and should be converted to a redirect if the item was renamed, or deleted if the item was removed.  It also includes arrows since their in-game name has (s) at the end, and anything with the æ symbol for Daemonic

Fusion item table


Gloves of Dexterity

Gloves of Master

Golem Skull Helm

Horned Bullskull Helm


Iron Arrow

Iron Ingot

Iron Plating


Key of Sevens

King's Potion

Legendary Daemonic Sword


Lightning Stomp

Love's Tear

Magic Shield

Necromancers Undead Helm

Orcish Arrow

Orcish Cuirass of Strength

Part of Key of Eternity

Partial Key of Eternity

Potion of Greater Invisibility

Potion of Invulnerability

Ring of Damage

Ring of Intelligen…

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Shinra07 Shinra07 10 May 2016

Map Sandbox

Click a region for more information


  • 1. Unnamed Islands
    • Cave of Evil
  • 2. Ice Temple
  • 3. Northern Mountains
  • 4. Fira
  • 5. Fields of Fira
    • Fira Cave
  • 6. Tree of the Gods
  • 7. Jungle
  • 8. Temple of the Keys
  • 9. Sunken Ruins
    • Temple of Heaven
  • 10. Dark Forest
    • Arachtus's Cave
    • Fusion Shop

  • 11. Ramoria
  • 12. Mages Guild
  • 13. Temple of Evil
  • 14. Darkhaven
  • 15. Ancient Daemonic City
  • 16. Entrance to Hell
  • 17. Ramorian Graveyard
  • 18. Alexandria
  • 19. Alexandrian Graveyard
    • Tower of the Dead
  • 20. Ancient Cave
  • 21. Temple of the One
  • 22. Valley of Sernos
    • Arcane Temple
    • Lost Valley Inn

  • 23. Northern Desert
    • Ancient Library
    • Darkhaven Mining Cave
  • 24. Southern Desert
  • 25. Water Temple
  • 26. Undead Cove
    • Black Citadel
  • 27. South Western Desert
  • 28. Fire Mountain
  • 29. Southern Barrens
  • 30. Vampire Den
  • 31. Thieves Guild
  • 32. Desert Tow…

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Mystic Prophet Mystic Prophet 7 May 2016

Strength/Agility vs Intel Heroes

It seems to me that the only way to kill some of the end game bosses (and their summons) in a timely manner is with a lot of burst damage. For the most part, strength and agility heroes lag behind intelligence heroes in this area. The benefit of having a strength hero is supposed to be that they're tankier and can take more hits, but with the exception of the paladin (who can heal himself, and has lots of other survability tricks) that doesn't seem to be the case.

Mana shield makes casters much more resilient than their hp using counterparts if they simply invest in intel items and mana regen. In addition, many intel items also have burst damage spells that the hero can add to their arsenal.

Meanwhile, strength and agility items just seeem t…

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Shinra07 Shinra07 23 April 2016


Questions, Comments, Sugguestions, Concerns, and Insults go here

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Shinra07 Shinra07 20 April 2016

Navigation Bar

Over the next few hours I'm going to be updating the navigation bar to include most of the Pages linked on the front page.  I don't think that Item Type or Class Items need to be there, but things like Hero Skills should definitely be added.  If there are any objections please post here

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Mystic Prophet Mystic Prophet 20 April 2016

Sizyx's Grief

Her eyes looked at him with pure disdain and loathing, transforming the natural beauty of her face into something cruel and monstrous. His hands twitched as he struggled to do what he knew had to be done. But even as logic told him that this abomination must be put down, his heart ached for the kind hearted princess he once knew. That strong young woman who had shown such compassion for her subjects. Surely there was still a piece of her still in there. Yes, he could still save her. He had to. Sizyx offered a silent prayer to the almighty, and drew upon every healing magic he knew, but as he reached towards the princess a searing pain shot through his body.

She sneered at him. "Oh my dear Sizyx. Are you trying to cure me?" The Princess laug…

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Theo1001 Theo1001 17 February 2015



  • Infinitas
  • Innocent Blood
  • Iron Shield
  • Iron Sword
  • Key of Seven


  • Infinitas
  • Innocent Blood
  • Key of Seven

  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Shield


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Danielstand Danielstand 14 February 2015

Party Time!

Hey Welcome to my Blog Post

Where you can Celebrate and Entertain your way out of my World So Feel Fresh and clean because this is the place where you belong! :)

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Mendlo Mendlo 31 December 2014

Helping out the Daemonic community!

If anyone has a question, comment, or need help just ask! I'll try to answer your questions as soon as possible, i'm active on Us East my username is mondle, feel free to ask for help or if you just want to play some Daemonic Sword!

Note: i wrote this blog to get the Badge :D

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Theo1001 Theo1001 3 October 2013


Category A contains these pages:
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