The Black Citadel is a Dungeon located in the Undead Cove. It contains enemies around Level 125.


In the center of the Undead Cove. Can be warped to via the Temple of the One



Entrance to the Black Citedel - Queens Lair

Note: If you have level 40 Thievery, skip to part 3.

  1. Kill the Golden Gars south-south-west of Alexandria. It will drop an item called Gars Token each time you kill it, with a short respawn time before it reappears somewhere within the same area. You will need to collect 15 copies of the Gars Token..
  2. Then go to the tunnel of gates to the east of the gars with the Gars Tokens in your inventory. You're now in a little lobby-like room. Kill the 3 Banshee Queens. If you're interested in making Vanguard's Set, they drop the Vanguard's Gloves. A Door will open with a switch, press the switch.
  3. Enter the Black Citadel. You can warp directly in front of it via the Temple of the One, or walk to it right under the Banshee Queen's Cave
  4. Head north, and east. Right below the Northeast wall, there's a false wall that can be walked over. Press the lever, and head through the door to the West, and through the waygate.
  5. You'll find a number of statues on the left, right, and north walls. If you have truesight, dig under the one with the ghost. if not, just dig under each one until the door to the South opens. Go south into the switch room.
  6. Here's the order for the switches: Left middle, right bottom, right middle, left top, left bottom, right top.Get the key and leave via waygate.
  7. You'll show up back in the hallway near the southeast door, use the key and get in. Use the Lever to open the small door to the south, and step on the switch to raise an elevator, then go back to the switch room and repeat parts 4-6 to get another key. Note: The altar in this room will summon the Grim Reaper, who drops the Grim Reaper's Scythe
  8. Go through the Northeast door this time. You'll be in a room with several Bloodfiends. Lure one onto the switch in the North part of the room, and once it's down proceed quickly to the door in the Southeast. Note: This room contains the Dragon Bones that can be dug for a Dragon Skull if the hero has the Book of the Dragon.
  9. Run up across the elevator and hit the switch, which will open the door in the south of the Bloodfiend room. Quickly run back into the bloodfiend room, head through the gate to the south, and press the switch. to raise the second elevator. If the door in the southeast is still open, go through it. If not, lead a Bloodfiend onto the switch in the North to open it again, and go through the door in the Southeast of the Bloodfiend room.
  10. Press the switch in the south of the room to open the gate, and go through the boss gate in the north of the room.

    Hidden wall to get the class item

  11. (Optional): Press the lever near the bookcase in the library. This will raise an elevator. Go back to the bloodfiend room, and go through the secret wall at the Northernmost part. Cross the bridge, and walk up to the golden statue to receive your Class Item. This is also the location of the Gem of Time Fragment 2 if the Gem of Time has been shattered.(In 6.14a this fragment may appear in the library with the switch instead). Then go back to the room with the bookcase.
  12. Head east, and you'll fight the boss, Thaerion.