Artifact of the Master
Artifact of the Master
Req. Level 125

What was lost and hidden is now found


+60 Armor
+750 Stats
+50% Spell Reduction


How to Obtain

Fuse the 4 artifacts with a Fusion Stone.

Locations of the artifacts:

  1. Artifact Piece 1/4 - it can be found in the fishing camp South-West of Darkhaven.
  2. Artifact Piece 2/4 - In a harvsting patch on a peninsula just North of Alexandria
  3. Artifact Piece 3/4 - To the right of the entrance of ice dungeon, in the middle of a camp
  4. Artifact Piece 4/4 - In front of the gate to Hell

If you can't find them, equip Draconian Scepter of Truth to have the ground shake. A high enough hunting skill (lvl 50+) does the same thing.



Elemental + Artifact of the Master + 100 Prasinus Stone + Ultima = Gale

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