Amulet of the One
Amulet of the One

A sacred amulet hidden away from time and space ever waiting for the chosen one to arrive.


Amulet: Teleport to Temple of the One


25 Caeruleus Stones (25 Speechcraft)
25 Prasinus Stones (25 Speechcraft)
25 Rubra Stones (25 Speechcraft)



25 Caeruleus Stones (25 Speechcraft) - Blue Amulet of the One

25 Prasinus Stones (25 Speechcraft) - Green Amulet of the One

25 Rubra Stones (25 Speechcraft) - Red Amulet of the One

How to Obtain

Find Key of the One that spawns randomly somewhere on the map. Then take it to the Temple of the One south of Ramoria Graveyard.

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